Tradition is a commitment.

The most important parts of a tree are it’s roots – anchored in the soil, providing stability, storing and converting nutrients into strength to ward off the elements, and to grow with the strength provided by that strong healthy basis.

As a traditional family business, now trading for over 500 years our roots, like those of the stately trees themselves fastened to Mother Earth, are firmly anchored in the wood industry. 

This tradition lives on in Bert Overlack, who has now over 40  years experience, and we are fully committed to wood products, this most natural and malleable of materials. We feel total responsibility for our products, suppliers and customers, and especially for our three hundred plus employees in our care wherever they may be, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and the Ukraine.

We believe it is important to source, process, and sell our products responsibly, in the knowledge that our customers rely on the high standards we have set, and which the customer demands. Green issues are particularly addressed by our commitment to sustainability and natural contribution to the environment and climate protection.

This is why we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wood veneers in Europe.